Design Media Interaction

Milano, febbraio-luglio, 2005 -
Interactive Interface Design<
Corso: Digital Design ,2 Anno IED Arti Visive Milano
modeli usuali di interazione :

keyboard, mouse, touch screens…

nuovi modeli di interazione hanno biosgno di
sfidare :
Sovraccarico di informazioni, accessibility, mobility
>>Experience economy
>> Distance learning, working, being, interacting...
>>Sviluppo tecnologico del informazione
"In the future new ideas of interaction/interfaces, experience environments or ways of experiencing are increasingly essential Those creating new feasible/innovative ideas will be central players in the future markets (e.g. EyeToy, gesture interfaces, visual / virtual tags"

Categorie principali:
>>vision based interfaces (vbi) recognition, navigation, balance, reading, and communication VBI at the person-level has probably produced the most commercial applications to date voice based interfaces
>>motion based interfaces realitime motion capture systems, full body kinematics
>>mobile multimodal , mobile phone, AR, motion, ambient intelligence
>>gps, position bluetooth / rfid hotspots etc.
Design Media Interaction
A cura di Marko Simic